Zoeken naar sites

  Helaas is het hier beschreven product momenteel alleen beschikbaar in het Engels.

  This feature is available to merchants using our TRU Connect gateway.

The “Sites” page allows you to search for site references assigned to your Portal user account. From here, you can click site references returned in the results table to view further details.

  Required user roles

Admin, Developer

  How to access

Select “Sites” from the side-bar.


Perform a search

To search from the full list of site references assigned to your Portal user account, type your query into the search box provided at the top of the page, and click the magnifying glass.


View results

The results are shown in a table below the search box. This table will provide a basic overview of the site references returned for your search query. Click a site reference from the left-most column to view further information.


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